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 So glad you are here. I'm excited because there is so much in store for us all, but we have to muster up the audacity to go after it. Together, we will reach for the stars and shatter ceilings, because I believe that you’re able and have what it takes. 

My Story

I was born and raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and currently reside in central Florida. Like many of my followers and supporters, I am a woman of many pearls. To name a few, those pearls consist of me being a devoted wife, nurturing mother, loving family member, and dedicated friend. I am also an active member and minister serving my community at Miracle Temple of Christ Church. My faith, drive and ambition has opened many doors of success in my life.


I am a transformation leader, motivational speaker, and co-owner of ReVamp’d_llc online fashion boutique. Becoming an awe-inspiring author and mentor was a continuation to me accomplishing my goals, but not without occasional doubt and struggle. My life journey thus far has been a combination of perseverance and the perfect storm, so much so that I am lead to help navigate other women that are on a mission to thrive in life and develop their purpose!


My goal is to be a tour guide that can usher you from dormant status into full activation by helping you to reach within, pull out, and unleash your God-given potential that lies on the inside of you. 


I also have a passion for fashion and a thrill for living life out loud and proud. I believe that every woman has a queen living inside of her. She just needs to find her, embrace her, and then take her rightful place and reign! I would like to invite you to come along with me on this journey. Let us master the key principle of taking charge of our day, as we collect and share pearls of wisdom along the way.




I am beyond grateful at the growth journey that God has taken me on. I look back and stand in awe at how far He has brought me. For so long I was fearful, doubtful, timid and held captive by my own limitations. The transformation that I have experienced after totally relying on the voice of God to be my director, has liberated and made me whole. The best way that I can think to repay Him is to use what He has given me to make an impactful imprint in the lives of others.

My LIFE'S Journey

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