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Life can sometimes throw curveballs, present uncertainties, and try to knock you off your game. This can oftentimes lead to a life of stress, fear, doubt, and depression—leaving you on the precipice of an emotional decline. In this book, you will be equipped with strategies and a new outlook to help navigate you through the various conquests of life with liberty and power.


In this Thirty-One Day Devotional I would like to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones and ultimately change your mind about yourself. A self-inflicted holding place can be the kryptonite to your God-given power! This book was written to help unleash your limitless potential that is trapped within.


Each devotion begins with a personalized quote to set the tone, followed by an impactful message to help carry you through your day. By initiating daily devotion, you are making a wise decision to activate and dominate.


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